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Name: Simon English a.k.a. SiFocusUK

From: Benfleet, Essex

My passion for photography started over 15 years ago. I started photographing cars for various modified car websites that i was involved in. This progressed into working with experienced professional photographers on photoshoots and car show work. 

Once you take pictures of cars for websites and magazines, its very difficult to stay away from the show car scene and the national car shows. I used to attend all the shows up and down the country, this national coverage allowed me to work in many different situations, with many different clubs and models. I also covered national motorsport events. Through the shows i made many good friends from all over the place but it was one model in particular who started me seriously focusing (excuse the pun) on the world of photographing human beings.

Whilst there is something a lot more relaxing about photographing a static object such as a car, the human form allows itself to be manipulated in so many different ways, almost anything is possible. At college i took 'A' Levels in both Theatre Studies and Performing Arts, both of which gave me a solid base to work from with both physical imagery, performance and the more technical aspects such as lighting and visual effects.


The progression from car shows to model photography took me forward to helping models put together portfolios for their modeling work or experiment with their own ideas. Photography has never been my full time job and i am (and have always been), more than willing to help out with TFP/TFCD shoots. I have never looked to be associated with the group of photographers who will charge hundreds of pounds for a portfolio from a model who is just starting out, nor am i the kind of photogapher who will pay a model.

That said, i am not just another GWC. This is the type of person who goes out to buy an SLR and then calls themselves a "photographer". This gives all genuine togs who have a real interest in creating great images, a bad name. I can only let my work speak for itself. I hope you like it !

I enjoy what I do, thats why i do it, i'm not going to be a millionaire from it (though it would be nice :))

Please do not request/agree to a shoot if you arent going to turn up as it only stops someone else from having my time ! There are far too may instances of this happening and its just not fair, if you cant come let me know !

Please feel free to contact me regarding any queries you may have or for more samples of my work and we can discuss your requirements. I'm more than happy to discuss anything where i feel i can produce top quality images.

I am also involved in helping models and myself develop our portfolios and am willing to discuss any ideas you may have along these lines.

The way i work is that i dont pay models, because i cant afford to, nor do i need to. This is a semi-professional occupation for me and therefore not something i make any money from. I cover my own expenses and would expect you to do the same.

All shoots are TFCD but the model is welcome to use any image supplied for any purpose. I will only use images on my portfolio that have been previously approved by the model involved. I'm not in the business of upsetting people and my professional reputation means more than any single image. The only thing that i do ask is that any image that is published, where possible, is credited to myself (i also like to know so i can grab a copy for my offline portfolio!).

I'm constantly working on new things but going into more artistic work now, anything off the wall and different. I have had one camera (Canon 10D) converted to IR (Infra-Red) and looking to do some more glamour/adult IR work as i love working with light and shadow and this just adds yet another aspect.

This website is an opportunity for me to display a selection of my work which i hope you enjoy looking at as much as i did in creating it.

I will never stop until i obtain that elusive perfect image, with my critical eye, it means i'll be going until i die.

If you think you have a challenge.... bring it on !

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Hope to hear from you soon and thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio and read everything above !


Thanks :)



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