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About the project

Well, in the interests of sanity i guess we should start at the beginning.

I first bought the car in March 2001 as a brand new Y plate Ford Focus 2.0 litre Zetec ESP in Panther Black.

Complete with the ESP stability pack, traction control, air con etc it was the car i could finally afford and loved it. At 132bhp it was putting out the same as the car it replaced, a 1989 Ford Escort RS Turbo !

When i bought the car i vowed to let it stay standard for at least the warranty period !
As any modified car enthusiast will tell you, thats not always as easy as it sounds. Before long i had replaced the bright orange indicators with smoked items to get rid of the tango effect.

Next up after that was an exhaust to make it sound a bit nicer, followed shortly after by new alloys. These came along in the form of 18" Wolfrace Ikons.

The car stayed in this form for a little while before the induction kit and Superchip Bluefin were added.

Next to come in May 2003 was the ESP design bodykit. Very subtle but sporty set of front, side and rear skirts. Added to that was a high level 3 piece rear spoiler and to drop it a bit was GAZ coilovers.

After a couple of years and doing a few shows it became apparent that i wanted a bit more from the car. Conversations started with Danny and Ant at NV and a plan was soon formed where they would take the car, do the work with me supplying the parts and it would be used to promote NV at the car shows. The car went in in summer 2005 and was planned to be out by the start of the 2006 show season.

Due to the fact that the work on the car was non revenue generating, it had to take place outside of normal working hours and in addition to the paid work being done. This meant that the schedule slipped further and further.

Originally the car was going to be painted chrome, this was 2006. Due to problems with this meant that we could only get what resulted in a shiny silver finish and not the true "chrome" we were looking for. At this point in 2007, a decision was made to go for a candy red, with the carbon fibre which was a combination that hadnt been done.

More and more time went past and eventually i started to lose faith in the car and the fact that it would ever be finished. NV Autostying split but Danny agreed to finish the car. For a long time it had been a "feature" of the workshop being moved from here to there and not getting much love.

I finally liberated the car in March 2008, nearly 3 years since it went into the workshop. When it came out it had an exhaust that was on the rear bumper, no windscreen wipers, no seatbelts and not tax or MOT !!

Bringing it back home i began work on the car and with the help of Ashley Moore we got it roadworthy and to the point where it was starting to look like the show car i wanted, albeit 3 years too late.

Family life and lack of funds put the project back a bit and although the car is nearly finished there are still a few little bits left to do. Stick around and who knows, it may just get finished one day ;)

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